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The Importance of Hair Salon Consultations

Achieving Great Hair Starts with a Hair Consultation

The Importance of Hair Salon Consultations

When changing your hairstyle or opting for a chemical treatment, the importance of a thorough salon consultation cannot be overstated. At GH Hair Design in Kings Lynn, we understand the significance of this initial step in achieving the hair you desire. In this article, we tell you why hair consultations matter and how they can benefit you.

Finding the Right Stylist and Salon

First and foremost, a hair consultation helps you find the right stylist and salon for your specific needs. Different salons offer unique atmospheres and customer care experiences. Some are bustling with activity, while others provide a calm and relaxed environment like ours. During your consultation, we'll recommend the ideal stylist for you, not only in terms of their expertise but also their compatibility with your personality. After all, nobody wants to endure awkward silences during a lengthy colour treatment. We aim to match you with a stylist who ensures you leave our salon feeling relaxed, confident, and ready to conquer the day with your fabulous new hair.

Identifying the Correct Hair Products

Another crucial aspect of our hair consultations is helping you identify the correct hair products for your specific needs. We understand that the sheer variety of haircare products on the market can be overwhelming. During the consultation, our experienced stylists take the time to assess your hair's texture, thickness, and any particular issues you may be experiencing, such as frizz, dryness, or damage. After this assessment, we can recommend the ideal treatments, shampoos, conditioners and styling products to complement your hair's unique requirements.

We also consider any recent changes in your lifestyle, such as increased exposure to the sun, swimming in chlorinated water, or changes in your exercise routine, which can affect your hair's health. Our goal is to provide you with a personalised hair routine that not only maintains the health and beauty of your hair but also makes it easier for you to manage and style daily.

By helping you select the right products for your hair type and addressing your specific concerns, our consultations ensure that your haircare routine is as effective and straightforward as possible. With the right products, you'll be better equipped to achieve and maintain your desired stunning, healthy hair.

Bespoke Hairdressing Advice

Consultations allow our stylists to offer personalised advice on how to care for your hair at home. We'll also perform essential hair tests during this stage. These tests help us assess the health of your scalp and hair, identifying any damage, dryness, or scalp concerns. This information guides us in restoring and maintaining the health of your hair and scalp.

Allergy and Hair Tests: Why They Are Crucial

Allergy Tests

Before any chemical service, such as tinting or perming, we prioritise your health and safety by conducting an allergy test. These products contain various ingredients, including Para-Phenylenediamine (PPD), Resorcinol, Ammonia, fragrances, and other additives. Reactions can range from mild contact dermatitis to severe, rare cases of an anaphylactic reaction. To prevent such incidents, we administer an allergy test for all new clients after health changes and following any reactions to other products. Please note that we do not perform colour services on individuals under 16.

Hair Tests

Hair tests are equally important, especially when considering a colour service. Your hair's unique characteristics can affect how colours process and what products suit your hair. Proper hair preparation is vital; knowing your hair colouring history can make a significant difference. Even if you covered your hair with a different colour in the past, remnants of the original colour may still be present. Our hair tests involve discreetly assessing a strand of your hair with our colour brand. This process helps us determine if there will be any chemical reactions with previous colours if the colour will damage or weaken your hair, and if it will genuinely match the shade on the colour chart. This meticulous approach ensures your hair remains healthy and you consistently achieve the best possible results.


Hair consultations with GH Hair Designs are the foundation of your haircare journey. They empower you to make informed choices with the guidance and advice of your stylist. Whether you're seeking a new style or a colour change or simply looking to maintain the health of your hair, remember the importance of a professional consultation. With this essential step, you can achieve your hair dreams safely and confidently, knowing that your hair is in the hands of experts who care about your well-being and the beauty of your locks.

Book your hair consultation with GH Hair Design today; we look after you, not just your hair.

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