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Manchester Pro Live


Here we are at Manchester Pro Live in February 2020!

We finally arrivved safely after an eventful early morning drive with Gemma getting her first speeding fine!! Not the best start.. Oops.

As we arrived we got caught in a downfall of rain, this is why one of our photos is black and white, we didn't want to miss our chance to meet the amazing barber MK.

We had the pleasure of meeting many more celebrity stylists over the 2 days who our team look up to and use for inspiration.

We love these trips, not only to gain knowledge on new trends and products to share with our clients but also to bond as a team outside of the salon.

We always have lots of laughs and stories to bring back with us, such as Gemma asking a question to the audience with the shock to find an unexpected microphone in the face!!

After an enventful yet amazing trip, we cannot wait for the next one!!

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