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Norfolk awards

Here is Gemma and Georgia at the Norfolk business awards back in November 2021.
This was the first awards we had ever entered so we were very grateful to become finalists in the changing lives special recognition category!

It was the first large business event that we had attended so we were very much 2 small fish in a very big pond!

There were some very large companies from all over Norfolk which we had the pleasure of competing and networking with. This was a great experience and a perfect place to find our feet in the big world of business!

As we saw our video of the salon on the big screen and our salon was talked about by itv news presenter David Whiteley it dawned on us where we were and what a big moment this was for us!

That’s when the panic set in and we realised that we hadn’t prepared to win, we were only there as a practice run for future events so as you can imagine we were so relieved that the winners were a large Norwich based company called yellow brick mortgages!

We had a wonderful evening and still came away with a plaque for finalists which stands proudly in our reception area!

Now that we have had our first experience of an awards event we are looking forward to attending many more in the future 🥂

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