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Why is our salon different?


Do you ever visit a salon and it is so busy you can't hear yourself think?


Struggle to hear your stylist over the busy chat and hairdryers?


We have personalised sections throughout our salon so that you will feel like you are the only one in there! You won't be distracted by the client next to you because you won't be able to see them!


Our salon creates a unique relaxed environment where you can switch off from the busy world that we are in and the ever growing to do list!


We also have a relaxation lounge where you can enjoy a selection of drinks and read a book whilst your colour is processing! No more looking in the mirror and watching the clock!


When your appointment is finished you won't want to leave the bubble of bliss and go back into the outside world!


Don't just hear it from us! Here are some of our clients reviews.

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