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Reflexology has so many benefits, firstly it detoxifies the body and enhances the bodies natural healing process.

Other benefits include...
* balancing of the nervous system 
* Pain reduction 
* Aids sleep and relaxation 
* Reduces stress 
* Improves circulation 

Here we offer a thorough consultation so we can target the correct areas ensuring that you receive the most beneficial treatment unique to you and your needs.

This treatment will give you the time to switch off from the world around you and listen to your body’s needs. Leaving feeling lighter and more relaxed and focused, ready to embrace the next steps of your daily routine.

Book today and take that time out that everyone deserves!

Reflexology Prices

Mini Session - £25

Full Session - From £40

To book now click here!

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Vicky is our reflexology therapist who has been looking after our team for years!
Vicky has such a kind and caring nature and always aims to help people, putting other peoples needs first.

She has worked in the caring community for the past 20 years visiting people’s homes and working at the QE hospital, she is a very busy, talented lady and we are so grateful for her giving us some of her time to take care of our clients too.

Vicky’s reflexology treatments are amazing and support all areas of health and well-being.

Vicky - Reflexology Therapist

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