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Unlock Your Hair's Potential with GH Hair Design's Latest Product Lineup

At GH Hair Design in Kings Lynn, we are dedicated to helping you unveil the true potential of your locks. Our award-winning hair salon is delighted to introduce you to the latest offerings from top-notch brands like Matrix, Biolage, A Curl Can Dream and a range of leave-in conditioners, to name a few of the products we talk about in this article. Whether you're looking to rejuvenate your hair, achieve sleek, straight strands, make your curls pop, or give your hair the care it deserves, we've got something special for you. All of the products on this page are recommended by our expert hairdressers.

These incredible products are now available at our hair salon, ensuring you have access to the best in the industry. To find out which products best suit your unique hair type and styling needs, don't hesitate to ask our award-winning hair stylists. They are experts in their craft and can provide personalised recommendations to help you achieve the hair you've always dreamed of.

Matrix Hair: Enhance Your Colour and Volume

Matrix Hair has always been associated with innovation in hair care. If you're seeking to enhance the brilliance of your hair colour, Matrix has just the solution you need. Our experienced stylists can guide you through our Matrix products and recommend the perfect regimen to maintain your vibrant colour.

Matrix High Amplify: For bold, amplified volume that defies gravity. Choose your volume adventure, and let us take your hair to new heights. Elevate your style with the best in the business!

Matrix Food for Soft is a luxurious and deeply nourishing hair treatment that pampers your locks with the care they deserve. This product is a true treat for your hair, formulated to deliver intensive moisture and hydration, leaving your hair incredibly soft, smooth, and manageable. Whether your hair is naturally dry, damaged, or simply in need of some extra TLC, Matrix Food for Soft works its magic to transform your strands, making them feel revitalised and beautifully touchable; with its indulgent formula, this product is like a spa day for your hair, ensuring it looks and feels its absolute best. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to irresistibly soft and luscious locks with Matrix Hair Food for Soft.

Biolage: Embrace the Power of Natural Beauty

For those who value a natural approach to haircare, Biolage is the brand to consider. Our skilled stylists can assess your hair's unique needs and suggest Biolage products to nourish and enhance your hair's natural beauty.

Biolage Hydrasource: Nature-inspired, it deeply nourishes for supple, soft hair.

Say goodbye to dryness and hello to touchable, silky locks. Experience the ultimate hydration with our Matrix Food for Soft and Biolage moisture-rich ranges. Your hair will thank you!

Elevate Your Volume Game with Double the Options! At GH Hair Design we understand that volume is a top priority. That's why we offer not one, but TWO incredible ranges to give your hair the lift it deserves. Biolage Volume Bloom: For a natural, weightless bounce inspired by cotton flower extract

Alfa Italia Hair Straighteners: Attain Flawless Sleekness

Who doesn't love a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle? With the Alfa Italia Hair Straighteners, you can achieve that look effortlessly. Our talented stylists can assist you in selecting the perfect straightener from the Alfa Italia collection.

Get ready to experience sleek, smooth locks, available in two different sizes to suit your styling needs perfectly. We can provide you with expert advice on how to achieve stunning results right from the comfort of your own home.

Alfa Italia heat appliances are small but mighty: Ideal for precision styling and on-the-go touch-ups. They are perfect for taming long or thick hair with ease.

A Curl Can Dream: Embrace Your Curls

Let Your Curls Dream with Matrix A Curl Can Dream Range!

If you adore your natural curls, Curl Can Dream is the brand that understands your needs. Our stylists can recommend the right Curl Can Dream products to enhance and define your curls for a more vibrant and bouncy look. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to stunning, defined curls with Matrix's A Curl Can Dream Range.

Curl Defining Magic: Achieve the curls you've always dreamed of with ease.

Enriched with Ingredients: Infused with nourishing ingredients for a healthy, bouncy look. Transform your curls into a dream come true with Matrix A Curl Can Dream Range. Embrace your natural beauty and make your curls the star of the show!

Miracle Creator: Transform Your Hair Instantly

Experience the Magic of Total Results Miracle Creator!

Miracle Creator is a game-changer, and our stylists are well-versed in its many benefits. They can explain how this multi-tasking product can transform your hair instantly and provide tailored advice on incorporating it into your haircare routine.

Discover the ultimate hair transformation with Total Results Miracle Creator.

20 Beautifying Benefits: Repair, protect, and enhance your hair all in one bottle.

Experience the miracle of beautiful, healthy hair with Total Results Miracle Creator. Unlock 20 benefits in a single step and make every day a great hair day!

Leave-in conditioners are essential for maintaining healthy and hydrated hair. Our stylists can introduce you to a range of leave-in conditioners, each catering to specific hair needs. Whether you have dry, damaged, or frizzy hair, our experts can recommend the ideal leave-in conditioner to add to your daily routine for nourishment and revitalisation.

Wet Brush Pro Hair Brushes: Gentle Detangling

Brushing for Beautiful Hair: Why Your Brush Matters!

When it comes to hair care, the right brush is your secret weapon. Wet Brush Wonder: Gently detangle wet hair, preventing breakage and damage.

Choose Wisely: Using the right brush minimises stress on your strands, keeping them healthy.

Don't underestimate the power of a good brush; It's the key to luscious, damage-free locks. Invest in your hair's future – make the switch to a Wet Brush today.

Wet Brush Pro Hair Brushes are the way to go for gentle detangling. Our stylists can demonstrate the brush's effectiveness and guide you on using it to minimise breakage and make your hair care routine a breeze.


At GH Hair Design in Kings Lynn, we are passionate about helping you achieve the hair of your dreams. Our salon proudly offers the latest hair products that are recommended by our stylists. Stop by our hairdressing salon today to check out these fantastic products and chat with our skilled hair stylists to find the ideal products for your hair type and desired style. Your dream hair is just a visit away!

To book an appointment with us, click the link below.

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