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Professional Salon Colours Verses Home Box Dyes

Updated: Apr 2

At GH Hair Design in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, we recognise that life can be hectic, and carving out time for a salon visit might be a challenge. We're here to make it easier for you. We understand the appeal of a quick box dye, but we invite you to explore the advantages of a professional salon colour instead of supermarket products. Below, we will explain the reasons why:

Expert Advice: We do Hair Colouring Every Day

Our professional salon colourists will offer you personalised advice and recommendations on the correct colour for your hair type, skin tone, and lifestyle, as well as how to take care of the colour between appointments.

Prevent Damage to Your Hair

Applying any chemical service to your hair can be dangerous if not carried out correctly. A professional colourist will perform an allergy test to ensure no reaction. This is extremely important as a reaction can be serious.

Our professionals protect your welfare by using safe procedures, such as taking a strand test of your hair to ensure it stays in the best condition and achieves the desired results. Failure to care for a colouring service could result in dryness, breakage, and hair loss. By taking the correct precautions, you can minimise the risk of harm to you and your hair.

Achieve the Perfect Colour Match

Box colours offer a limited range of shades; professional salon colours can be customised to match your desired colour perfectly. A skilled colourist can mix shades to achieve a colour unique to you and your hair type.

Professional Salons Only Use The Best Ingredients

Professional Salons Only Use The Best Ingredients

Salon products and colours contain the highest-quality ingredients formulated with keratin, amino acids, and natural oils. These ingredients help to protect and strengthen the hair during the colouring process. Shop-bought colours are often known to have metallic salts and other harmful ingredients.

Tailored To You

Professional colourists undergo extensive training to understand the complexities of hair, including texture, porosity, and existing colour. They can assess your hair's unique qualities and recommend not only the correct formula but also the correct technique that will achieve the best results for you.

Even Application

Achieving an even application can take a lot of work. Our professionals are trained to assess the natural undertone and apply the colour correctly to avoid uneven tones and banding, which can often occur when the colour is overlapped, over processed, or the incorrect colour choice is made.

Salon Colours Last Longer

Professional salon colours typically last longer thanks to their high-quality ingredients and precise application. They are also easily removed if a change of colour is desired. However, some shop-bought dyes can be known to grab the hair, going darker than expected and incredibly difficult to remove.

GH Hair Design are Hair Colouring Specialists in Kings Lynn

In conclusion, while box dyes may offer convenience and affordability, they simply cannot match the precision, expertise, and quality of a professional salon colour.

Investing in a salon colour not only ensures optimum results but also protects the health of your hair in the long run. So next time you are tempted to reach for the box dye, consider treating yourself to the luxury and expertise of a professional salon experience instead. 

Book With Us Today

Our team of professional salon colourists at GH Hair Design are not just experts; we are your personal hair advisors. We offer tailored advice and recommendations on the perfect colour for your hair type, skin tone, and lifestyle. They also guide you in maintaining your colour between appointments. They're meticulous in their work, understanding the risks of chemical services and taking all necessary precautions to ensure your safety during the colouring process. 

We offer a variety of techniques and prices to suit everyone's needs. Why not book a FREE consultation with one of our team? Contact us to book your hair colouring appointment today.

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